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The solution presented by this website is neither political, religious, spiritual, economic nor ecological in nature- it addresses and accommodates all of those concerns, but the stance is Social. We suffer a global Social Crisis... a crisis that is vividly expressed by the systems and policies we use today.

TOAOSTE offers a precise formula; a recipe to 'heal our humanity' on many levels. There are 8 main considerations, (aspects) to this solution.

1. Humans are very weak in large numbers.

People are not very effective in massive groups. Logistically, it is impossible for everyone to express their opinions and feelings at large gatherings. Imagine 6 000 people attending the local small-town community gathering! Imagine the confusion and stresses. This is sometimes referred to as Herd Mentality

2. The local community is absent everywhere in the world.

There are many independent local communities and collectives, but the most important one, the One representing the Whole of the Local Community does not exist in most parts of the world! All communities, clubs, organizations and communities have some form of registration and membership that bonds the group to a common ethos or agenda. All except ONE! – The local community where we actually live! This is very, Very ODD!!

3. The Internet is the most powerful tool for our collective liberation.

A well designed participatory on-line forum (administated by proffessional admins/fascillitators), can enable direct democratic processes, accountability, transparency and above all, meaningful large-group participation, in a way that was never possible until very recent technological advances.
○ Thousands can communicate simultaneously in many languages, 24/7.
○ The Internet allows dynamic, lateral interactions that can bypass traditional hierarchical protocols.
○ The conversations are date stamped and can be easily archived.
○ Transparency is vital. It limits confusion and corruption.
(Secrets enable opportunists and master criminals to distort reality.)

4. Creating an intelligent online portal.

Locally we have many communities and online forums, each separated from the other; each heading in different directions. We need One local online portal that connects all the locals to Everything local. Please note that the kind of Local Community Portal being suggested here, is unlike any of our current online forums. Key to the designed solution is the need for expert professional administrators, (fascilitators), who help groups and individuals get where they want to go swiftly and efficiently. Read more here.

5. What is the ideal size grouping for modern human co-habitation?

TOAOSTE is about decentralizing; down-sizing into smaller localized self-regulating communities that are able to give the many complex local issues the kind of consideration and attention they need. Each village, town and city should manage it's internal affairs with as little external interference as possible. Distant overlords lack the commitment and the intimate sensibilities that our local issues require.

Having the right sized community is imperative - too big and it loses perspective, too small it may lack the diversity and resources it needs. Municipalities, (sometimes known as boroughs or communes,) are generally human-sized areas that have been identified primarily for managerial purposes. The emphasis is on 'Human sized'. Each municipal area is unique with its own particular needs, mind-set and sub-cultures. The factors that would usually bond local groups together, (such as land, resources and the other local assets), are however under the control of the national overlords, leaving the locals without a shared power-base from which they can function.
Local communities do not even have a bank account..... they are not the custodians of their own ammenities!

The Global Peace formula

Global Peace is a collaberation
of villages, towns and cities co-existing within
self-regulating municipal/borough-sized regions,
collectively forming a Confederation,
... a Peace Nation.
By connecting ALL the online village, town and city portals to each other, we will create a
Globally Connected Conscious...
... World Peace.

By removing the extremely expensive centralized national governments, we could afford to introduce many empowering local processes to help transform our local community into a thriving self-sufficient, self-respecting community, and in turn, the world. No more unemployment, no more poverty and a lot less crime.
Peace is a lot cheaper than war.

7. Creating a superior Human Intelligence and better integrated humans.

This is perhaps the most important out of all the considerations mentioned above. It has been proved that people seeking resolve through on-line group discussions were able to achieve better results than gifted experts were able to on their own. It’s called the Hive Mentality. The Internet can enable a superior human intelligence that was never possible before …. around 20 percent more intelligent!

That is nothing compared to the kind of intelligence a Local Portal could achieve.
A participatory local forum that includes all the local people and resources, is unlike any of our existing forums. Local forums formed in this manner are not abstract temporary online arrangements. They are very real, with real people, real issues, real benefits....LONG TERM, and they would have the necessary authority to implement the group's decisions. The social, psychological and economic implications would be profoundly transformative. A new kind of integrated 'holistic human' will evolve, capable of actioning solutions way beyond our current grasp.

8. Implementation.

Peace and harmony will not happen overnight but it can come into the world very quickly....one town at a time. (Look at how quickly the Internet evolved!)
Empowering a town or city with an open participatory Online Portal that has the active support and of the local stakeholders, community leaders and residents, will create a domino effect. Once the system and software have been implemented and tested, it can be shared with other towns, cites and villages globally.


The TOAOSTE solution concept is the result of an evolving group process that started in 2017.