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Key to the designed solution is the need for expert professional administrators who help groups and individuals get where they want to go swiftly and efficiently. They are like professional 'large-group psychologists' for want of a better term..... traffic managers who can intervene when resolutions are required or requested.

When needed, these administrators can introduce group constructs that may offer better solution seeking strategies.

Here are some examples-
Ancient-styled 'Council forums' can be established to deal with specifically complex issues. In these situations, leaders or experts lead the discussions and other interested parties can look on, but only comment in subsidery forums. (The discussion leaders are obviously guided by the views of the larger-circle public discussions).
Very large groups can also be sub-divided into smaller groups, and when those small group discussions are concluded, the main threads/concepts from the various groups can be presnted back to the lager group for consideration.
Deep Democracy is an approach that can offer a more holistic, healing processes than our conventional democratic models. It is especially useful when dealing with difficult topics... For an example of how Deep Democracy can be implemented, click here.

These kind of group arrangements obviously need highy specialised group facilitators.


The TOAOSTE solution concept is the result of an evolving group process that started in 2017.