Introduction: Community Forum Discussion Proof of Concept

This is a concept for a possible method of creating a discussion forum online for a community with the purpose of making a decision. It offers an online demonstration of how a community could make deep, meaningful decisions on important issues collectively. This model offers a new insight into a possible process that is much more than a simple vote.... It has built-in healing processes. The process is as important as the outcome...


The methodology uses some principes of Deep Democracy leading to Hive Mind Thinking and presumes that the wisdom of the group as a whole exceeds that of any individual in the group. It has been proven that Hive Mind Intelligence can be 20% more intelligent than any individual in the group, including experts. See this YouTube video for more info on Hive Mind thinking.

The basic process of Deep Democracy is as follows:
  • Start with a Vote
  • Engage in discussion around the decision to be made paying special attention to the "no" or "blind spots"
  • Trained facilitators assist in keeping things on track and help with sticking points using techniques like reflective listening, amplification and conflict resolution
  • End with a final Vote
  • Ask the people who lost the vote what would make it OK for them to follow the group decision making it clear that the group decision is final
    Note that this proof of concept is designed for a desktop. A final version would be responsive and able to work well on mobile devices as well.

    It is not functional and is comprised of "screenshots" merely to illustrate one possible design.