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The Great Awakening.

During the very dark Middle Ages, there were conditions in Europe, that were very similar to the multitude of factors that now threaten our immediate future - tyranny, insecurity, rampant corruption, persecutions, gross abuse of power, poverty, crime, accentuated unnecessary suffering, a general lack of justice and so on.
Then, when the Ancient Greek ideas and documents were brought to Italy by Arab war refugees, they stimulated a period of great advancements in scientific, mathematical, architectural, astrological and cultural matters..... The Italian Renaissance 1300- 1600, (the ‘re-birth’) . This transformation initiated many humanitarian processes and concepts that were later propagated and popularized by the invention of the printing press......
Today, we have the Internet.
We just need to sharpen and focus it.

Our social,political and economic constructs are not predetermined. They are simply out-dated.
We can choose to support and promote better, more holistic systems.
We CAN change our antiquated social/political/and economic concepts.
Never say never!
People once thought radio was magic, TV would never catch-on and flying was impossible.
World Peace has forever eluded all of our best efforts.
Those times are now shifting.
A pencil was once 'high-tech'.

Recent evolving technological solutions have made possible a radical, all-inclusive social dispensation that was never possible before.
By using a local participatory Online Portal we can connect all the local folk to everything local, (and everyone local,) and then by connecting all the local portals together globally, we can create the first ever Connected Global Consciousness!

TOASTE is not a simple slogan solution.... "Love everyone" is a good idea but global peace and harmony requires a more considered strategy. (Even love needs healthy, conducive environments in order to flourish.)
The solution presented by this website is not political, religious, spiritual, economic nor ecological in nature- it addresses and accommodates all of those concerns, but the stance is Social.
We suffer a global Social Crisis... a crisis that is vividly expressed in all the systems and policies we use today.

For any solution to succeed it needs to consider the existing foot-print. It also needs to be flexible and pragmatic, (not too simple nor too complex). Creating a perfect society doesn’t mean we need to change who we are. We have been trying to improve ourselves ever since way before the ancient Egyptians..... And now we have finally succeeded in developing the tools we need to restore our 'more balanced' collective and individual identities.... we just need to connect ALL the dots.

How we group together is a fundamental …… more specifically, the size of our local communities is a vital consideration.
Having the right sized community is imperative - too big and it looses perspective, too small it may lack the diversity and resources it needs.

So-called 'independent groups' such as tribal communities, eco villages, religious sects or gated communities sometimes offer fascinating alternatives but they are not truly autonomous entities. They usually pay their taxes to the state, not their local community. Even if they fly their own flag or have their own currency, until they claim independence, they are still under the jurisdiction and influence of their national constitution.
More importantly, (because of the size and the limited resources of an average village-scaled collective), they frequently lack the bio-diversity and human skills required to enable truly autonomous thriving communities.

Some say that their city, province or state should break away from the rest of the nation and become independent. When a part of a country seeks independence, it is seldom achieved without bloodshed. For example: The Zapatista Movement: The Fight for Indigenous Rights in Mexico.

Separate development can sometimes become elitist, exclusive or become limited by self-focused perspectives that can cause stagnation.
There is strength in diversity. Even towns and cities are sometimes too small to be optimally independent.
There are however a few existing exceptions to this idea....
○  Micronation
○  List of Micronations
These examples are inspiring examples of independent, small, self-managing communities, but how many of them are truly thriving?

What is the ideal size grouping for modern human co-habitation?

Municipalities, (sometimes known as boroughs or communes), are generally human-sized areas that have been identified primarily for managerial purposes. (In this context, a ‘human-sized’ territory means that it is relatively easy to travel from one end to the other.) They are often defined by geographic, climatic, technological and other pragmatic considerations.

Each municipal area is unique with its own particular needs, mind-set and cultures, but instead of becoming integrated ‘rainbow-cultures’ sharing a common domain, small splintered local communities often operate as independent factions, each looking after their own separated interests. Whilst it is true that the various local groups do not always share similar interests, people who live in close proximity, are affected by common factors. The factors that would bond these groups together, (such as land, resources and the other local assets), are however under the control of the national overlords, leaving the locals without a shared power-base from which it can function cohesively.

The problem is that modern municipalities are administrated by nationally mandated governors/managers, (even though they might be chosen via public vote). These administrators basically regulate and manage everything at a local, hands-on level…. housing, education, food controls, roads, electricity, garbage, the courts, by-laws, water, city planning etc. They do not however have much influence over the really important factors that are mostly nationally controlled. Furthermore, our local administrators are often understaffed and overworked because all the funds and focus go to the national authorities.

Municipalities can of course become corrupt or make poor decisions, but when small organizations make poor decisions, the impacts are localized and easier to correct. It is easier to learn from mistakes in small groups than massive groups. It is also easier to compromise a national leader than say 200 independent, collaborating municipal authorities. National constitutions and state laws don’t respond swiftly to shifting circumstances.

By regrouping into smaller municipal sized groups, we will reclaim our dignity and find ourselves individually and collectively.
We will not find unity by all singing the same song.
We have many songs.
We will find unity and the peace we seek when we celebrate our differences locally.
Each community is different with unique needs, solutions and preferences.
Radical Municipalism: demanding the future
Radical Municipalism: The Future We Deserve
What is Municipalism and why is it gaining presence in Spain?
What Municipalism and #FearlessCities could mean for New Zealand

The Internet is the most powerful tool for our collective liberation.

People are not very effective in massive groups. Logistically, it is impossible for everyone to express their opinions and feelings at large gatherings.
This is sometimes referred to as Herd Mentality

A well designed participatory on-line forum managed by expert admins can enable direct democratic processes, accountability, transparency and above all, meaningful large-group participation.
○  Decentralization-
The Internet allows dynamic, lateral interactions that can bypass traditional hierarchical protocols. A staff member can for example, make an anonymous public post that confronts the chairman of a company without having to jump the hoops of management and proxies.
It enables efficient, swift, transparent communications.
○  Convenience-
On-line text discussions allow people to interact whenever it suits them best.
The conversations are date stamped and can be easily archived.
Thousands can communicate simultaneously in many languages, 24/7.
Discussions can be supported by video, audio, documents and external references.
○  Transparency-
Transparency is vital. It limits confusion and corruption.
Hiding things like voter identity is counter-productive. (When you sign a petition, you have to provide your name and address; when you protest in the streets it is illegal to hide your identity.)
Secrets enable opportunists and master criminals to distort reality.

Creating an intelligent online portal.

Some may argue that we already have online portals. Yes there are many.
For example, if you search for all the discussions around the water crisis in Cape Town, you will find probably find more than a thousand online discussions. Where to start?
Do you see the problem?
Locally we have many communities and online forums, each separated from the other; each heading in different directions.

Local Community Portals

Please note that the kind of Local Community Portal being suggested here, is unlike any of our current online forums.

Key to the designed solution is the need for expert professional administrators who help groups and individuals get where they want to go swiftly and efficiently. They are like professional 'large-group psychologists' for want of a better term..... traffic managers who can intervene when resolutions are required or requested.

When needed, these administrators can introduce group constructs that may offer better solution seeking strategies.

The Global Peace formula

Global Peace is a collaberation
of villages, towns and cities co-existing within
self-regulating municipal/borough-sized regions,
collectively forming a Confederation,
... a Peace Nation.
By connecting ALL the online village, town and city portals to each other, we will create a
Globally Connected Conscious...
... World Peace.

These kind of group arrangements obviously need highy specialised group facilitators.

Modern technologies are now making Direct Democracy possible. The social and psychological benefits are huge. If people make bad choices, they have nobody but themselves to blame.... that is how we learn and grow.

Around 10 years ago Iceland ousted their national government and appointed 500 non-political civilians to draft the new constitution.
In Portugal, people can allocate next year’s national budget to various projects via their mobiles and dongles.

Online government/municipal participatory portals such as are interesting open-source examples currently used in Singapore and some cities in America but the kind of portal needed to facilitate a truly transformative local process requires a more intelligent approach.

Creating a superior Human Intelligence and better integrated humans.

This is perhaps the most important out of all the considerations mentioned above.

It has been proved that people seeking resolve through on-line group discussions were able to achieve better results than gifted experts were able to on their own. It’s called the Hive Mentality

The Internet can enable a superior human intelligence that was never possible before … around 20 percent more intelligent!

That is nothing compared to the kind of intelligence a Local forum could achieve.

A participatory local forum that includes all the local people and resources is unlike any of our current forums. Local forums formed in this manner are not abstract temporary arrangements. They are very real, with real people, real issues, real benefits.... and they would have the necessary authority to implement the group's decisions. The social, psychological and economic implications would be profoundly transformative.

After 10 years the connected group awareness and intelligence would go from the current zero, to unimaginable levels. A new kind of integrated 'holistic human' will evolve, capable of actioning solutions way beyond our current grasp.

Radical transformations will occur rapidly..... look at how quickly the Internet evolved!


Peace and harmony will not happen overnight but it can come to the world very town at a time.

Forming self-sufficient communities is interesting. Empowering a town or city with an open participatory Online Portal with the support and active engagement of the local stakeholders, officials and locals, would create a domino that won't be stopped. Once the system and software have been implemented and tested, it can be shared with other towns, cites and villages globally.

Everyone needs to be liberated from our of uncompromising systems of control and oppression....... a more humane dispensation.
Peace and harmony will not happen overnight but it can come to the world very town and city at a time.

The idea of collaborating independent municipal-sized communities within a national confederation is a vital aspect of the solution presented here. It is thus that an entire country can be given back to ALL of its people…without any losers.

No more separation…. no 'us' and 'them'.

The Global Peace formula

Global Peace is a collaberation
of villages, towns and cities co-existing within
self-regulating municipal/borough-sized regions,
collectively forming a Confederation,
.... a Peace Nation.
Every village, town and city is empowered by a local participatory portal.
By connecting ALL the online towns and cities to each other, we will create a
Globally Connected Conscious...
... Wold Peace.


The bigger the nation pyramid scheme the more safety checks, uniform control, and state interference. More supervisors are needed to supervise the supervisors. These layers upon layers of governance promote trickle-down democratic and economic processes that unfairly favour those in power and the extremely wealthy at the expense of the multitudes and this is why the entire world is suffering-
We need to rid ourselves of our antiquated misconceptions that now contaminate our basic survival systems…. our massive pyramid structures are like a cancer devouring the world.

Countries are generally led by politicians who are usually appointed into office on a short-term basis. Too often they opt for short term results. Professional politicians are also often financially (or otherwise) rewarded/compromised by massive conglomerates and corporations or wealthy individuals, for their support and loyalty.

Our top-heavy governing bureaucracies are extremly costly- bodyguards, limos, luxury accommodation, parties campaigns, conferences and so on.
On-line video conferencing, (open to public viewing.) is a whole lot cheaper and far more inclusive. Being better informed is vital.
By swearing our allegiances to the national flag and the national constitution instead of our local communities, we gave away our individual and communal sovereignty and lost our social fabric. ‘We’ have become a faceless mass, lost in processes beyond our common reach.

Local communities are not SHORT-TERM arrangements. True communities have communally expressed feelings, shifting issues, desires, hopes, dreams, ambitions. aspirations...

Instead of thinking global, and focusing on the national, we need to invert our focus to the local. Small is beautiful…. turn the pyramids upside down!

No more corruption!

Some of the wealthier countries have overcome corruption but at a huge expense, both financially and in terms of personal freedom- too many protocols and red-tape. The result is that although they enjoy good social benefits many feel trapped in a never ending cycle of work and their need to meet financial demands. Below the surface, many feel detached from the gigantic processes that unfold around them.

  There are many other more appropriate systems than our ancient pyramid schemes Torus system of governance for instance (see image), has a broad-base, ground-up interactive structure that can provide more holistic solutions… solutions that have social integrity and the support of the local communities. The Torus looks like a 3-dimensional donut, similar to our blood cells and the formation of galaxies. It offers a bigger surface area than any other shape. A torus shaped system has no center, it decentralizes the power-base and provides a framework that can facilitate more fluid actions and communications, from the micro to the macro…Instead of putting a leader at the pinnacle of a pyramid-shaped hierarchy (as per usual), a group of community leaders could produce far more intelligent results.

For more details on implementation, click here


The TOAOSTE solution concept is the result of an evolving group process that started in 2017.