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A step-by-step Possible scenario-

Obviously, right now it is difficult to get the necessary buy-in from a town or city.

TOAOSTE is an untested hypothesis. It require the joint support of those who rule and those that are ruled. As our technological skills evolve, solutions like TOAOSTE become more obvious. But how could something like TOAOSTE be introducedinto the world?

The following is a hypothetical senario-
A town implements a simple online participatory portal.
Over time, adverts on the side help to defray many of the initial set-up costs
Professional administrators are employed to facilitate the processes of discussion and implementation.
People using the system evolve.
Their discussions become a lot more sophisticated.
The local media, newspapers and radio channels help these processes by keeping people who are not online informed.
Nobody is left out.
Local wi-fi hot spots are set up for the less privileged.
5 years later, the software becomes a lot more more responsive and intelligent.
Many of the technical issues have been overcome.
The software is shared with other towns and cities.
Then there comes a point where decentralizing the national governance becomes an obvious 'next-step-forward'.
An online national referendum is announced.
The confederation of municipalities is accepted in principle.
This is followed by a 5 year preparation period.
The existing municipal leaders and other interested parties begin online national and local discussions.
Together these regional leaders collaborate nationally online to evolve a new constitution.... the emphasis is on collaborating autonomous, self-regulating independent municipal-sized regions.
They include a skeletal national framework.
A financial strategy is decided.
Taxes collected locally will be spent locally with a small portion going to the national collective.
Some systems will continue to be nationally administrated but most will be managed locally.
Collaborations between municipalities will evolve naturally if and when necessary.
Instead of one leader the nation will have many leaders, (each representing a local region).

This process is successfully concluded and other counties adopt this model, adjusting it to accommodate their specific needs.
30-40 years later, basically every country has functioning networked portals and they are globally all connected to each other.

20 years later, new technologies replace our wireless connections.
Everyone is now interconnected via DNA transmissions.
People begin speaking with the plants and swimming with the dolphins....
Everyone is thriving!!!

By removing the extremely expensive national governments, we could afford to employ hundreds of expert facilitators and other skilled experts in our local areas to help transform our communities, and in turn, the world.

No more unemployment, no more poverty.

Peace is a lot cheaper than war.

Never say never...
Not so long ago, a small bunch of 'ordinary' merchants and sailors agreed to a 'new understanding of time'. Their agreement has affected the lives of billions of people ever since then.They were not great experts nor governors- not authorities …. just a few simple people who made a simple agreement with each other.
They called their agreement Greenwich (Zulu) Mean Time.


The TOAOSTE solution concept is the result of an evolving group process that started in 2017.