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The Great Money Deception

After centuries of confusion on a grand scale, we now live with blatant misconceptions that go unnoticed every day, right before our eyes. Discussing the money swindles, fractional reserve banking, crypto-currencies, and who controls what, will not liberate us. Understanding the money deception is liberating. The lack of understanding perpetuates our insanity.

Money is just a convenient form of exchanging ENERGY.
What we do with our money is another matter.
Capitalism is simply the fair exchange of services, goods or money at an agreed rate by two or more parties transacting.

The problem with money is that value is subjective. Nothing in the world has an intrinsic value that can be measured and quantified…. not even money!
On one side of the road a dollar will buy two cups of coffee but on the other side of the road it can buy 5 cups of coffee. Neither the dollar nor the cup of coffee has an intrinsic value. Value is subjective.
Setting the value of currency or any resource is fake economics and totally dependent on the subjective notions of the so-called financial experts. Experts who continually fail to avert devastating market collapses. Money cannot have an ascribed value - money should only measure the number of units of energy a person or organization has - it is only a unit of measure (like a ruler). But money itself does not have a set value. A ruler measures different sizes - measuring value is a completely different issue.

Having many currencies enables the money lords to influence the set the value of money by gambling one economy against another. Destabilizing national economies by manipulating economic trends is considered fair play. We need to identify the actual issues before we can find the solutions we seek. For example, having one global currency with no set value, would have enormous benefits. No more fake inflation, no more false manipulation.

A ‘One World’ currency with no compared value, is an obvious solution. Periodic financial reports could access the income and losses of a country, thus determining the amount of digital or printed money each country has. Simple. No need for any Reserve or central bank – just a simple app that can make the calculations visible, on line, for all to see…. no more illusions.
When you understand the problem, the solutions become obvious. Time is the most precious of all of our resources. We need to use it well.

Long ago, money had no set value other than the value that the people exchanging it, wanted to give it. Then around 2000 years ago the Roman Emperor Augustus set the value of a coin against the weight of gold. He did this to falsely increase the value of the coins but it later caused an unnatural inflation that eventually collapsed the Roman empire and economy.

Ever since then we have accepted this insanity as the norm. Today the world has lent more money than it can ever repay! It’s like going on vacation with the Flintstones! Apart from a population size problem coupled with a false economy, we have an even bigger problem.
We don’t know how to manage our-selves.
Our overloads sold us out a very long time ago.
The only way we can affect meaningful change is by rediscovering who we really are; not individually, but as locally connectected communities- TOAOSTE!

Individuals can erect their own power source for example, and once the initial costs are paid off, they have free energy. A group is collectively more capable of realizing such aspirations than individuals are. If the local community owned their own local power station, who would be the beneficiaries of any profits generated? If local communities were the custodians of their own local asserts and lands they would have all the resources they need to address their local needs. ~
Free energy, food, homes, lands and education are all laughing at us!


The TOAOSTE solution concept is the result of an evolving group process that started in 2017.